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I've realized this isn't for me or just about us.

I've struggled with staying plugged-in or completely unplugging.

This blog is to help encourage balance. To promote a real authentic presence. To slow things down while opening up. I hope it fuels and floods inspiration encouraging others to live more imperfectly. To inspire you to slow things down by knowing you are where you are meant to be.

This blog isn't about showing you all of my well-curated images. Or to simply tell you about all the peaks in our life. I am here to share some of the real, the tired, the happy and not-so-happy moments of my life, in womanhood, in love, in life, and in parenthood.

This is a beginning for me.

One that I am excited to share with all of you.

There will be stories about our life. Our Adventures. Our Experiences.

Personal notes. Poems.

Favourite recipes.

Q + A.

Funny thoughts and life happenings.

Things we love.


It will grow as we do.


Mostly, I hope to bring you my open heart by connecting with as many people as I can to encourage an openness that isn't overly curated and perfect.

Love: Jo



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