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The Real Deal...

Oh my goodness! Yes, I totally bribed my kids into taking these photos for me. I told them that they were my Mother's Day gift, and everyone cooperated to some extent. I set up the shot list and outfits the day before. Might I add that behind the white curtain backdrop is a few nice piles of unfolded laundry, and yes my laundry room; because that's the real deal folks. What you see is never what's really happening unless someone let's you into their world, honestly. And, for me, that's where I aim to live. That's my happy place; real moments. I think they are extremely important in honouring who you are and living an authentic life.

Living authentically is so important to me. I want to be as transparent as I can because that only means people can see me for me, and if they see me then I can see them lighting a flame by igniting beautiful friendships, the brightest one beginning with myself. Living an authentic life welcomes real relationships and in-turn a community of people show-up being reassured knowing that there is an authentic nature that can exist on our planet.

I admit, I have come closer to living an authentic life because I have taken care of myself first. I live boldly, in a gentle kind way, and with much confidence. I live this way because I use to live in the opposite realm before. So, for me, this is a HUGE part of honouring myself. I have found in living an authentic life: my self care regime and my bold, yet gentle voice. It has taught me to love myself completely.

I want to add that self-care is a vital part to honouring your Self. Period. If you don't make the time to shower, to eat and drink well, to do the things that you love and the things that make you happy; make you feel your best or at least feel good, then how are you suppose to care for your wolf pack properly? I only know this because it's taken me many turns into the ditches of burn-out to get here, to come to understand how important self care is. Many-a-times I found myself completely flatlining unsure as to why things were getting to me so easily. Or why little comments would hurt me? I wondered why and how I got there, to that place where it all hurt; mind, body and soul. I now know that it takes little steps to find my peace through self care. And in turn when I have cared and have taken pauses for myself I can offer more of my love to my children and my partner. And the little and big things don't penetrate me as deeply. I can call up my friends and my family to see how they are doing. I can listen intently. I can answer calmly. I can be still and content.

It takes little steps of bravery to find your transparent footing:

  • shower

  • soak in the bath

  • drink water

  • speak positively to yourself, as you would to a small child or dear friend

  • read books that lift your spirits

  • watch funny movies

  • create opportunities to take time for yourself

  • create opportunities to miss your children and/or partner by spending some time away

  • make meals you love for you

  • buy food that you love

  • look at yourself in the mirror and see the incredible nature that lives in your heart

  • only say nice things to yourself (this is a repeat but it's so important)

  • go for nature walks taking slow steps

  • listen to the trees they whisper beautiful things

  • go for bike rides and take in your beautiful world

  • breathe consciously by taking long breaths in and out

  • put your hands on your heart, listen to it beating in your chest

  • make tea for yourself

  • lay on the grass and look at the moving clouds or night sky

  • pick a wildflower bouquet for yourself

  • write a poem for yourself

  • believe in miracles

  • believe that wishes come true (just be careful what you wish for because they actually do come true)

  • hold your head up high and remember how amazing you are because you love so much

  • love yourself

  • love yourself

  • love yourself

  • say to yourself, "magic can happen"

  • when in doubt remember you are a wizard

  • cast only good spells

  • tell yourself you love yourself daily

  • seek therapy for positive-upkeep

Okay I will stop here for now.

But you get the idea...

So have a beautiful Mother's Day celebration. Relish in the life that you are watching grow by encouraging your beautiful wolf-pack to love themselves because you love yourself; by encouraging beautiful souls to take care of themselves because you are taking care of yourself. In turn, give yourself a huge hug like nobody is watching. You can add that to my list!

Thank you for popping in and reading my journal.

I love you.

I can see you.

Thank you for seeing me too.

Love: Jo + The Wildheart-Wolf Pack

These photos are part of a collaboration I did with Two Birds New York. I love their mission and was honoured to be a part of this collaboration. If you head to their Blog they are doing a feature on Mother's Day with a collection of other wonderful Mother's who inspire them.


Photos by: Joanne Schwindt Photography


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